What are the best neigborhoods in South Bend?

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Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

MsRoniJ in South Bend, Indiana

119 months ago

If you are young and single, or just single PERIOD, you may want to by-pass South Bend. I moved here from California several years ago and I partied on the weekends to shake off the stress of the previous work week, and once I got out here trying to continue that social life, I ran into a brick wall! Your best bet is to find a nice church with patrons your age!

Leveller2 in Mishawaka, Indiana

100 months ago

If you need public transport, the centre of town is best. There are good houses, c.1900, which are not expensive by national standards, especially if you have the skills to renovate. Some still have many of their old Arts and Crafts fittings, and they come in a range of sizes.

The outer suburbs are best for schools, although school buses may make independent travel feasible. Although cycle lanes and tracks are being extended, there are limits to how much children can cycle alone, as drivers are not used to seeing cyclists and there are few sidewals outside the centre. Grainger is a relatively upmarket suburb. For Catholics, the best school is St Joseph's, near the University of Notre Dame.

Leveller2 in Mishawaka, Indiana

100 months ago

If you are a young adult, but not a student, sports and the university's junior academics are the best sources of social life. Playing league tennis and canoeing on the river are good examples, and there is a world-class kayak race in the middle of town.

The university offers a modestly wide range of films, and classical or folk concerts with international performers. The Morris Centre in town has travelling Broadway shows and occasional performances by the likes of BB King or Bela Fleck. Some such can also be found at colleges and venues in neighbouring towns. There are four major to mid-level degree-awarding colleges in South Bend, and others in the area, so there is a modest market for performers.

The main musical culture of local people is the blues, and proximity to Chicago means that excellent and up-and-coming performers are easy to see. One of the best venues is the Midway Tavern, an old speakeasy on the South Bend side of Mishawaka. Upcoming performances in the area are announced on the Saturday and Sunday blues shows on the NPR station, WVPE, and on the station's website, which has pages of information about events and activities.

It's best to come to South Bend with a willingness to find what's available, rather than wanting to find San Francisco.

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