I have a degree but no experience yet Help

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Donna in Spokane, Washington

61 months ago

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting this past December and now I am on the hunt for a job. I was in the Air Force about 10 years ago and then basically became a stay at home mom. I am looking to get into the jobforce so I can help support my family when my husband retires in 3 years. Anyone know what I could do?

Christopher Anderson in Spokane, Washington

50 months ago

Hi! I am a Financial Services Producer and I recruit/train individuals to get licensed in their state of residence. Company provides training and licensing subsidies.

For a possible interview, email me at upstagestudio5678@yahoo.com

Christopher Anderson

P.S. You must pass a background check.

jeff in Clearwater, Florida

34 months ago

masters in social work degree!

jeff in Clearwater, Florida

34 months ago


Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York

34 months ago

jeff in Clearwater, Florida said: masters in social work degree!

She has an Accounting degree. Have you been drinking tonight?

Donna, have you found a job yet?

jeff in Clearwater, Florida

34 months ago

No drinking, just want to help our Veterans with their readjustment back into society, from any war. It seems nobody will hire people just out of college and bless you if you have a disability. Looking for work in eastern Washington, Idaho, or Oregon.

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