Job Search for individuals over 50

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cruisepuppy7452a in St. louis, Missouri

31 months ago

alemac in Saint Louis, Missouri said: Hello fellow St Louis job hunters: I know the feeling and yes it discouraging. All I can say is Pray and keep the faith. Man say no and God thru Jesus Christ can make it ok! Good Luck and may God bless and keep us all in his loving care.

Seriously, if you wait for that to happen you will be old, broke and on the street. Religion isn't going to fix this, sorry to burst your bubble, this is coming from the federal government, your leaders whom you think so highly of. Stop praying, get a new resume together and start looking. You are wasting time assuming prayer can fix anything.

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KLM in Saint Louis, Missouri

21 months ago

ou are SO right! I was a professional Executive Admin when I quit the work force to help care for my mother and grandson 15 years ago, and in all of that time, I never stopped "working." Caregiving requires so much more than people who have never been in that position realize, and the majority of responsibilities are in an administrative capacity! And, I also spent every spare minute selling online, which, itself, requires marketing, being internet savvy, shipping, etc.,along with an assortment of other odd jobs, as well as freelance writing and photography. But, I'm trying to get back in the admin field, or even in a mailroom atmosphere (the best part of selling on eBay, in my opinion), and no responses. Ever!

My qualifications are still as stellar as they were 15 years ago, and I've been forced to only have 2 of my past relevant positions listed on my resume because of the years being employed at them. I have been looking over a year now...and have sent out no less than 100 applications, with no success. I've only had 2 actual face-to-face interviews; one with an employment agency and one with a non-profit organization. The agency has yet to "find me a fit." As far as the other company, I left the interview beaming, just knowing that I did get the job, only to be informed a week later, in an email, that that they chose to "go with a different applicant." No reason why!

I am in shock like everyone else here! I know now that age discrimination is alive and well. And I am trying So hard no to give up. There's nothing for me if I do. I am alone and I'm losing my house. I went from making $48k in 2001 to rolling quarters. If anyone wants to start a "fight"...I'M IN!!! Just let me know what you want me to do.

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