BayCare Health Systems - Morton Plant Mease -Tampa - Clearwater (caution don't work here or admit yourself as a patient)

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Being_Honest in Clearwater, Florida

61 months ago

Being in a role where financial reviews and compensation, in addition to meetings with Senior Management, I can tell you don't work at this place.This company wears down employees and has become a sweat shop in every angle and in every department.

What's interesting is that the company claims that at the top of there priorities is "Reward and Recognition" for employees. Don't be fooled. "Recognition" -Yes; "Reward" -Yeah right.

Whether you are clinical or non-clinical, the company does not promote and sadly even tries to ensure you will not move into other branches in the organization. Every monthly meeting regardless of how good the organization performed ends with the Executive team saying "Yes, we had a good month but we need to work on managing pay and salaries". This mentality has become the monthly motto and theme of every monthly meeting and org.

What's scary is the following: On the clinical side their is always a heavy emphasis on reducing what is called "Hours of Care". This is the healthcare industry standard for how much time a nurse is spending w/patients who are in need of care. So let's over work nurses so that mistakes may become more frequent. Do you want to be the patient who has this motto applied to?
I'm on the non-clinical side, so I'm not a nurse complaining about being over worked, I'm just informing you for the sake of job searchers that from the few years I've worked here that the typical raise is between 1% and 3%.

On the patient side, you would be amazed how many erroneous the billing is. Always over charging (never undercharging). I remember upon review of one patient account a male was billed and charged for a pregnancy test. Seriously? Lastly the health insurance here sucks. Because the organization is a network of hospitals, you are forced to do lab work, scans, pretty much any procedure at the hospital which is the most expensive rate of health care.
Do you get the point now, you will thank me for listening.

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