Newcomer's guide to Temecula?

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What do newcomers need to know to settle in and enjoy Temecula? Car registration, pet laws, city services, more...

MARK in Mchenry, Illinois

94 months ago

We are considering moving to Temecula from the suburbs of Chicago, IL. We would like to find a community with a great school district, affordable housing and the like. We are getting tired of the weather and influx of illegals coming over the border to reside/work in Chicago. CA would not seem the answer, but we have family and are looking to be with them again. Home ownership in CA seems impossible...are most on 40, 50 year & interest only loans to afford it? Please advise!!

GT in Temecula, California

82 months ago


I am very familiar with McHenry, Il being I have family there and I am originally from Arlington Hts myself. With that being said I would NOT recommend Temecula, CA or any place in California unless you & your wife are 6 digit income earners each.
The prices of homes here are affordable but be prepared to commmute by car to either to Orange County for good paying job or San Diego. If you have kids they suffer being they are left on their own a lot. It takes my husband over 4 hours RT everyday. There is a van pool that costs you $150 monthly to get to a job in San Diego and a commuter bus that breaks down and costs $43 monthly and then then train in Oceanside is another $110 a mo. MY husband has been doing for over years and so tired of it. The schools are not better here than the Northwest Suburbs being there is a huge budget crisis and they have the highest dropout rates here in Southwest Riverside County. There are some exceptions but the expenditures on students is only $5000 compared to AH which is like $9,000. The kids here for the most part exhibit the worst behavior and very few find part time jobs here. No values here compared to the Midwest. The community college is in San Jacinto but they recently have opened a satellite office nearby being it was far. The cost of your homeowners insurance would be around $900 a year for home that is 1700 sq ft. That is a lot more than Illinois. Car insurance will double here too being there is a high incident of auto theft being we are close to the border. There are over 400 car thefts here a year and counting. We pay over $1800 a year and are both in our late 40's with no accidents and no fancy cars. My husband purchased an older gas effifient car just to commute to the train in Oceanside. Food is expensive here too and oh yeah, to register your car here it is super expensive, it goes by the value of what you paid for it and they tax it. Not like Il which is $78.50 a yr.

ksimes in Temecula, California

65 months ago

I'm new to the area and would like to meet new people for networking. Does Temecula have a "Newcomers" group?

drgrisham in Temecula, California

65 months ago

I am not familar with a newcomers group but the chamber of commerce might. if you are single there is temecula valley singles club, a lot of nice people there or get on facebook and look around for different groups there, find me there if you want I have lived here for 22 years

ksimes in Temecula, California

65 months ago

Thank you so much for the info I will check into the chamber as I am married and not single I'll pass on that, but will also look into facebook. Thanks Again

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