Commuting in Tucson

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When, where and how to travel.

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Eric G in Tucson, Arizona

99 months ago

Host said: When, where and how to travel.

10 miles of Interstate 10 being closed in the busiest area of Tucson really, really doesn't help commuting.

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Cashi in Omaha, Nebraska

99 months ago

Commuting in Tucson can be a nightmare because I10 wraps around the city so most travel main steets. Oracle will get you North and South

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Anonymous in Tucson, Arizona

89 months ago

If you are considering a move to Tucson, move as close to downtown as physically possible and take Sun Tran. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE IN TUCSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If-You-Must in Tucson, Arizona

89 months ago

If you must drive here know that we get to endure drivers who engage in dumb, arrogant & downright criminally stupid behavior. Running red lights is common. Drivers "sleep" at lights, play with phones & with radios then suddenly take off. Daydreamers sit back 2 cars behind a car in front then trail off S-L-O-W-L-Y thru a left turn so you get caught by their red (when you could easily have made it). They dawdle at greens - then accelerate, playing "catch up". They fail to turn right-on-red even when there's ZERO traffic. Forget about courtesy or observing Yield signs on I-10 ramps.

Drivers veer suddenly, cut you off & act as if they own the (expletive deleted) road. People won't use turn signals. Almost everyone veers from #1 left lane on a right turn and cross over IMMEDIATELY into the far right #2 lane which is ticketed as 'Reckless Driving' in AZ; typically seen at corner Circle K's, 7-11s. Making illegal U-Turns & drifting thru stop signs, cruising 20 on a 35 MPH street is very common. Passing in School Zones is illegal, done with no thought.

Speeding on River Rd. and Golf Links is epidemic & very dangerous. Left turn lanes are short & lights are WAY longer than they need to be. The closing of I-10 ramps impelled 25,000+ cars onto north - south streets adding congestion.

The absolute worst drivers are U-of-A coeds with cell phones glued to their little heads and who won't signal (at all) at, near, in & around the University especially on Cherry, Park, Euclid. There's the criminally insane student Bicycle riders who run stop signs, and refuse to obey ANY traffic laws and who've CAUSED injury accidents at Glenn, Mountain, Speedway and Broadway.

Drive any major Tucson street & you'll observe drivers committing multiple traffic offenses often in less than a mile.

Best bet, don't move here and drive, unless you have no other option.

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