Newcomer's guide to Tucson?

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What do newcomers need to know to settle in and enjoy Tucson? Car registration, pet laws, city services, more...

RBChallenger in Tucson, Arizona

88 months ago

As people contribute more and more you can find everything you ever wanted to know at Tucson's Wiki, Don't see something you feel should be there, its a Wiki we all benefit from whatever you add!!!


Anonymous in Tucson, Arizona

80 months ago

Host said: What do newcomers need to know to settle in and enjoy Tucson? Car registration, pet laws, city services, more...

Beware City of Tucson has very strange traffic laws. Watch out for city's revenue generating machines. I mean the photo radar cameras at red lights. Yes, I said RADAR. $280 fine if you "accidentally" run a red light at automated intersections. Tucson red lights have Left Turn Following, they go GREEN only AFTER oncoming traffic passes by. This means you get to deal with the dreaded traffic light stutter / delay.

The was-green, now-red light doesn't go immediately to Green Left-Turn Arrow (while now showing red). Result: lots of frustrated & confused drivers get ticketed for advancing during the only-now just full red during a 2-3 second delay/stutter. NICE. On 35 MPH streets lights you have a mere 2-3 seconds on YELLOW - before going full RED.

Overwhelmed judges don't listen to drivers woes (even if true). Cash strapped Tucson has turned tickets into a BIG money-maker since the economy went sour. Otherwise law-abiding citizens get a criminal record if they fail to "take care of their tickets", e.g. you won't be able to register your car in AZ if you have unpaid camera tickets. Can't wait to get somewhere that doesn't prey on hard-working drivers who make an honest mistake. Same story in Phoenix.

Anonymous in Tucson, Arizona

74 months ago

Moved here just about 2 years ago. Love it but have found quirks. First, buy home carefully with great attention to sun orientation, ceiling fans & cross ventilation. The longer you go without turning on the A/C is better. Second, they aren't kidding when they warn you to not enter a roadway when flooded. I'm a cautious sort but still under-estimated how fast the roads fill in a monsoon ("flash flood" is named that for a reason). Third, get a 'pest control provider' and just plan on paying for them (esp. in summer)'cause during certain times there are more bugs around than you can imagine. Fourth, don't walk around outside at night without shoes on. Fifth - speaking of shoes, flip flops are worn everywhere (you even see in church). And finally, enjoy it. Its a wonderful place with great people.

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