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cyclist in Tucson, Arizona

79 months ago

Does anyone have experience working with Raytheon?

Abraham in Tucson, Arizona

70 months ago

My cousins work there and it's a pretty good environment but it's hard to get in not unless you know someone!

fatboy in Boston, Massachusetts

61 months ago

awsome company to work for , great benefits, awsome schedueling , great vacation plans . shoot , you get a 10 day paid christmas vacation and everything off the bat. its a great comapny and yes its one of those comapanys that you need to know someone to get in . BUT all they can do is just give you a heads up on when there hirering . so you can be at the top of the hire list when they start looking . goodluck

Frustrated in Phoenix, Arizona

8 months ago

I have applied with Raytheon many, many, many times over the last 15 years. Each time, it seems as if I threw my application into a black hole. No interviews, no letters, not even an automated email to say "Thanks, got your application". Nothing. I am a competent, experienced IT tech/sys admin who can provide several great references.

I am at the point now where I don't want to work for Raytheon, I just want them to acknowledge me. Give me a "no". Give me an insult, give me SOMETHING.

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