What are the best neigborhoods in Tucson?

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Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

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Lucille in Missouri in Saint James, Missouri

29 months ago

We are wanting to relocate to the Tucson area because my husband has Rheumatoid and there a less dramatic changes with the barometric pressure. We live in out in the country on 5 + acres and access to 80 acres. We visited last summer in June and loved it 105 for the week were there! How safe is Tucson? As I read other posts is crime high in Tucson? We spent all our time Northwest and North, Northeast of Tucson....loved it. I noticed a post rach in Chandler said that Armory Park is a good place to live? Anyone want to chime in on this discussion...thanks.

What would be the first step in the transition? I am a RN and seems as though there is plenty of work in Tucson and the area?

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mlndsy in Tucson, Arizona

11 months ago

Anonymous in Tucson, Arizona said: I'd shoot myself in the face before I'd live in Marana! I suppose it's ok if you buy everything at Walmart, love having the exact same beige house as your next door neighbor, and think chain restaurants are the perfect dining option. Personally, I like a little character to my neighborhood. If you want to be near local businesses, good restaurants, and live in an architecturally interesting home, you have to live downtown. I'm in Armory Park; the only other places I'd consider living in Tucson would be the Barrio, West University, or maybe Dunbar Springs.

What are the zip codes for those areas? And those sound like great areas, but would you recommend them as good areas for raising families?

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mary in Redmond, Washington

7 months ago

azrunr in Chandler, Arizona said: I am a runner, bicyclist (very high BIKE score for Tucson!)and hiker. I found an incredible bargain in a GREAT near Eastside location. My place has stained concrete floors and ALL utilities are included. I look out on to the Alamo Wash and Trader Joe's is 1 (longish) block away, Bookmans (great book and music store) is even closer. Bus is at the corner. Incredibly low rent with a pool, great management. Ck out zip 85711. (my specific location is off Speedway on Alamo in that zip)

Hi! thanks! I'm thinking of moving out from Seattle area… I love to bike too, so that is great to hear! I've zero'd in on the zip you put here and I am making a plan!!! I'll come visit first, they they say..but I'm so excited. Thanks for the tips!

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juliebells74@*****.*** in Minneapolis, Minnesota

6 months ago

We are planning to move in two or so years. In our search we are looking for warmer weather, family friendly, diversity with descent safe areas to live and work.we are mostly looking at Arizona & New Mexico. All you have to share would be greatly appreciated :)

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