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scott masingale in Tulsa, Oklahoma

81 months ago

what do you do when your working 16 hours a day for two weeks and cant make over 700.00 dollars and stuck with out a car or truck and it is needed for employment or some type of vehicle or worse just disregaurded regaurdless of the posistion because it is filled even when it is a emergency exsample food rent car no responcability i lost my motavation even on marrage or even eating at a restraunt just a bad out look on what im to live on cosiderd the rich or higher income people or more fortuneit individuals who knows the problem like no posistion is filled it leaves people like my self with some eles inflicked wounds that don't exsist but some how i think there there sorry for the complaint sincerly scott you know keep the faith
you all know unemployment is high

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you suck in Tulsa, Oklahoma

77 months ago

you'll probably be more likely to get a job when you learn how to spell.

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Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

77 months ago

You suck, insults isn't what he asked for. There are a lot of people out there without high school diplomas, great spelling, comparative skills, or whatever. Their skills and contributions are needed just as much as yours!!!

Scott, have you applied for food stamps? Sounds like you certainly should qualify. They give you a debit card. You can do food shopping at Walmart and go through the self checkout.

Do you qualify for unemployment benefits? If you do, take it. At least you won't spend all your money for gas, car repairs, etc.

One guy on these forums said he went to Lowes and bought number stensils. He goes from house to house and offers to paint their house numbers at the end of the driveway - for $5.00. He said he's working six hours a day, doing 30 houses and making $150 a day.

You're better off than I am. I have three college degrees, doing substitute teaching and tutoring, and living on $300 a week.

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