Best schools in Virginia Beach?

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Where are the best schools or school districts in Virginia Beach?

jackie in Virginia Beach, Virginia

111 months ago

Fairfield Elementary,Providence Elementary,Indian Lakes Elementary.....Very GOOD schools(Stay away from Title I schools...they are full of dangerous punks who think nothing of assaulting a teacher,let alone beating up your kid or stealing.Look up Neighborhoods..Stay away from areas that have trailer parks or really crappy-looking townhouses.Stay away from Newtown Elementary,Birdneck Elementary,and College Park Elementary. If you want to send your kid to a nice Middle School (e-mail me{})

mags in Byrdstown, Tennessee

80 months ago

Hello. My husband and i are relocating our family to Virginia Beach. I am researching schools and have narrowed it down to Pembroke Elementary, Trantwood, Alanton, linkhorn Park and hermitage. I know there are a few but it's tough having not physically visited any yet. If you could give me any opinion or guidance it will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Jackie in Virginia Beach, Virginia

80 months ago

Your nicest school with the BEST students academically would be LINKHORN PARK EL. The next best is TRANTWOOD..If you can look up best SOL scores,this should give you an idea which kids have the best Parental involvement ,as well. Check out the schools which have the strongest PTA.If your children need a tutor in the coming year,I do that too.I charge half of the going rate because of our crummy economy,,,fondly,Ms. Carroll

Jackie in Virginia Beach, Virginia

80 months ago

Linkhorn Park is the best!!

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