Weather in Washington

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What are the seasons like in Washington? How do Washington dwellers cope?

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Weather... in Washington, District of Columbia

81 months ago

When it's hot, from April - October, it's usually 90+. When it's cold, from October - April, it's quite often 30-. And god, when it rains, it pours so hard in these incredible sheets, with huge wind gusts and zero visibility - it's just scary. Things flood, you can barely walk through it, and you'll be soaked through even with an umbrella and a raincoat. It storms more often than anywhere I've lived before, too, with regular storms through most of March-April, and August-October, with maybe biweekly rainstorms in the summer and then usually a couple blizzards in the winter, too.

If you look up the DC weather on Wikipedia, I believe they categorize it as "sub-tropical" and "severe." It's the only place I've been with incredibly hot, muggy summers AND a good three months worth of snow too. Most places are one or the other, but not here...

PS - I'm from the midwest, so we had thunderstorms a few times during a summer, ice storms, and big winter weather. I don't mind the cold, but a hot summer was be one with a week of 90+ weather. Last summer, DC had 68 days of 90+weather, and we've already had a blizzard this winter, that fortunately melted with 40 degree temps, because no one in the city ever shovels the sidewalks. DC is killing me. I really can't wait to move...

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