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Company > Aerotek E&E

Worst Place To Work

The recruiters at this company are VERY FLAKEY. I was contacted by Aerotek via email and the recruiter practically begged for me to provide him with my resume. After numerous ...

5 years ago
Company > URS

URS / BLL Dysfunctional

I wouldn’t waste my time interviewing with URS/BLL. I went through a month of interviews (3), confirmation from Mertianna in HR that I had the position, verbal negotiations ...

5 years ago
Company > Aerotek E&E

URS / BLL (Bovis Lend Lease)

I wouldn’t waste my time interviewing for the Prison Project Manager position with Aerotek. This is a URS/BLL design build project for the prison system that’s in ...

5 years ago