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Cronos Investment Company

If you receive an email from this company,


8 years ago
Company > Applied Card Systems

What's the company culture at Applied Card Systems?

Does anyone know anything about this company?

8 years ago
Company > Home Depot

drug test

Perhaps you should stop taking drugs?

8 years ago
Job > Assistant Controller

What are the best assistant controller qualifications and training to get ahead?

Get certified like "CPA" or "CMA". A good exposure to All the accounting systems an organizations uses are a must.

8 years ago
Company > Spherion

Just another piece of crap recruiting company.

[QUOTE who="Doug plucker in East Elmhurst, New York"]Just another piece of crap recruiting company. I wish had some kind of filter that could be turned on to ...

8 years ago
Company > Judge

LIED to by recruiter

I've had the Judge Group lie to me as well. What they like to do to me is call when they get a "hot" job and say I've got an interview, find times when I'm available ...

8 years ago
Company > Massage Envy

Non-compete with Massage Envy

Geographical area of 50 miles are fairly common, but I don't think they can restrict your field entirely. Get another lawyer.

8 years ago
Company > Bank Of America 8 years ago
Company > PFPC

Why does PFPC Have so Many Openings????

PFPC has a ton of open accounting jobs listed. They hold career fairs all the time and advetise all over the place - but - these openings are still listed. My questions to any ...

8 years ago
General > Indeed Stories

I found a job!

I think I'd believe these more if more than "thanks" was posted

8 years ago
Job > Registered Dietitian

internship questions

Type "interview questions" into your browser.

8 years ago
General > Career Advice 8 years ago
Company > AppleOne


Well, here's a chuckle that might answer your question. An ad from Apple one recently appeared for a "Certified Personal Accountant" for a public accounting firm. For ...

8 years ago
Company > JPMorgan Chase

Personal banker position?

[QUOTE who="kelly in Southfield, Michigan"]I too failed the test. Get this, I did that EXACT position at another LARGE bank in Mi and have a series 6/63, so they can't ...

8 years ago
Job > Accounting Clerk

Return to work force.

[QUOTE who="Jesus in La Puente, California"]I am a cancer survivor. I went through treatment last year, and was disabled. I am 51 years of age. Only recently have I felt ...

8 years ago
City > Wilmington, Delaware

Up and coming jobs in Wilmington

Banking has ruled since all the 1980's law changes

8 years ago
City > Wilmington, Delaware

Weather in Wilmington

Summer is Very humid, winter is not too bad. But, short fall and spring.

8 years ago
City > Wilmington, Delaware

What are the best neigborhoods in Wilmington?

[QUOTE who="Host"]Where is the good life? For families? Singles?[/QUOTE]

Living in Trolley Square area is Great for the single life!

8 years ago
Company > Volt

Good Headhunters in Delaware?

Anybody have a line on good headhunters or agencies in Delaware?

8 years ago