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Company > Home Depot

Home Depot cuulture, Is S. Harrasement going on!

This place sounds similar to covering up the bad behavior of their favorites who feel they have the right to harrass others...

7 years ago
Company > Uline

How to get a job at Uline.

To anyone looking to get a position within a company that is posting the exact same jobs week after week, year after year, stay away! Cintas does the exact same thing and there's a ...

7 years ago
Company > Kellogg

How to get a job at Kellogg.

You most likely have to be a "minority" to get a job within this company. The strange thing is though, these "minorities" make up over two-thirds of the ...

7 years ago
Company > Kraft Foods

What's the company culture at Kraft Foods?

so in other words, i should not even bother to apply here? these are the reasons i am looking to leave dirty company to the dissappointing!

7 years ago