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i'm the angry guy that's stuck in a temp angency rut.

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Company > Spherion

Dudes Calm the Heck down

You can quit whenever you want, that's why it's referred to as a temp service. But what they don't really tell you is this. "We want you to give us complete devotion, loyalty ...

4 years ago
Company > Westervelt College

Horrible school

For anyone considering going to Westervelt College, don't do it! I took the PSW program, and the teacher is a horrible person that likes to pick on students she doesn't like. It ...

4 years ago
Company > Ceva Logistics

Ceva Logistics News and Happenings.

Ceva Logistics(previously TNT Logistics) is a joke. I worked a temp-to-perm job through them with Spherion 3 years ago. The way it was supposed to work, it was about 10 weeks of ...

4 years ago
Company > Kelly Services

Kelly Services Temporary Employment Agency

Alot of the times they just run ads in the paper to collect resumes so they can check them out for potential companies to hit up. The London Ontario Kelly's office is the absolute ...

4 years ago
Company > Adecco

Adecco News and Happenings.

If anything good comes of the economy going to hell, it'll be that temp services like Adecco and Kellys go belly up.

Temp services are nothing but parasites, or "labour ...

5 years ago
Company > Spherion

Dudes Calm the Heck down

Spherion sucks. I've worked with quite a few temp services here in London and they were by far the worst. They posted an ad last year for TNT Logistics (now known as Ceva) and they ...

6 years ago
Company > Express Personnel

Express Personnel Interview Questions.

It's no different than any other "upscale" agency.

By upscale, I mean one that auctully does a background check on you.

Just don't get your hopes up.

7 years ago