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"Drunk driving arrests can happen to anyone, anywhere."



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Job > Truck Driver

2 year old DUI, Will anyone hire me? New to the industry.

Most of the Companies don't accept applicants to penetrate on the Company that has 5 years DUI. I don't think that you will be able to get into a Company. But that depends on the ...

4 years ago
Company > Bank Of America

Applying for BOA with DUI record

Usually, I would enunciate that one DUI is not necessarily going to cause problems if you're honest about it, and remorseful, and time have passed. I have friends working for the ...

4 years ago
Job > Nationwide Truck Driver

commercial driver with recent DUI

Its typical that a Company want the best for the human resources of their company. That is why companies are hiring ones who don't have any record. That is a major problem for ...

4 years ago