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Does it make sense to post resume on foreign sites?

Why not give a try!! You can find some research, salaries compare on this page

2 years ago
Company > Hardware Engineer

Hardware Engineer Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

Average Salary of Hardware Engineer: $102,480


2 years ago
Job > Hardware Engineering Manager

What are typical hardware engineering manager salaries?

Sony Electronics, Apple and Microsoft

Skill to increase your salary: High analytical, Creative, Persistence, Initiative, Innovation, Independence, Integrity, Cooperation ...

2 years ago
Job > Principal Software Engineer

What are typical principal software engineer salaries?

Average $98k
NYC: $140k

go to this page, they provide full data with salary by state

2 years ago
Job > Computer Engineer

opportunities for computer engineers

Find some local computer engineering club, may be you can find some interesting information or go to google or

2 years ago