I've been working in a call center as a customer service representative for the last 3 years. Lately, I've been seeking out other job opportunities for a job more suited to my personality.

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Company > Comcast

Comm Tech 1 Hiring 2013

Congrats on your new job Billy Bob. Let us know how it all works out for you.

2 years ago
Job > CDL Driver

What are typical cdl driver salaries?

[QUOTE who="randomish in Lawrence, Kansas"]Most starting companies are horrible. That being said, Schneider used to have the best reputation for training in the industry ...

3 years ago
Job > Truck Driver

have cdl license class a but no experience

I've heard that for new cdl graduates that usually have to go over the otr because the big otr companies are usually the ones that hire new drivers. Local, dedicated, and regional ...

3 years ago
General > Career Advice

Stuck at 25 with a college degree and no career

I know the feeling. I'm 27 and I have student loan debt without the college degree. I felt stuck at 23 and went through a quarter-life crisis since then. I have an interest in ...

3 years ago
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What are you doing for healthcare?

I currently work for an employer that does offer healthcare however, when I factor in my budget then it's something that I just cannot afford. I haven't been to the dentist since I ...

3 years ago
Job > Nurse LVN

LVN.. or CNA

There is always a need for CNAs and with a CNA license you will practically never be without a job. What are your goals? If you would like to be a RN as soon as possible, then you ...

3 years ago