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Job > Nurse RN

Should I become a RN? kinda at a dead end right now...

It is never too late for a career change. However, do not go into nursing if you have no passion for it. I would suggest job shadowing some nurses before making the plunge in going ...

21 months ago
Job > Guidance Counselor

What else can I do with a School Counseling degree?

I know quite a few school counselors who found jobs working at a university. School counseling used to be a passion of mine up until a few years ago when all the jobs got cut. Now ...

21 months ago
Job > Physical Therapist

How are you able to pay bills while attending PT school?

Loans? PT's make quite a bit so I am sure you would be able to pay it off within a few years. Save as much as possible before you head to grad school to offset the amount of loans ...

21 months ago
Job > Social Worker

MSW in New York

From what I have heard, MSW programs typically accept anyone and everyone. Your skills working in financial services can be transferable in ways you probably haven't considered ...

21 months ago
Job > HR Manager

Does having a certification increase salary and H.R. job opportunities?

I am looking into getting a Bachelors in Human Resource Management...I already have a Bachelors in Human Services, and if my calculations are correct, it would only take me a ...

21 months ago
Job > Massage Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapists - What Should Pay Be For First Job?!?!?

I am not a massage therapist but I am a cosmetologist and I work with a few massage therapists. I can tell you that when I started working at my salon I had to go through an ...

2 years ago