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Job > Esthetician

Estheticians in California?

Hi there, I was wandering if there are any Estheticians in California on the forum? I ask because I am a new Esthetician and moving to San Diego in about 6 - 7 months and am ...

19 months ago
Job > Esthetician

New Esthetician scared & seeking advice..

Hello everyone, I'm a brand new esthetician, barely just got out of school and I am pretty terrified. Initially, I was ecstatic to be able to pursue one of my passions (my others ...

24 months ago
Job > Pharmacy Technician

Starting a Pharmacy Tech. program in the summer, only takes a month. Any suggestions as to what to expect? Is it worth going for

Hey TC sorry I don't have any advice for you but I was wandering what program you are taking that only takes a month? Thanks!

2 years ago
Job > Pharmacy Technician

How do I become a pharmacy technician?

Hi guys, I want to get a job as a pharmacy technician but I am confused on how to achieve that. I've heard from several people that you need a license and from others that you ...

2 years ago
Job > Esthetician

Esthetician Vs Hairstylist in Dallas

Would I have a better chance of making a higher salary as an esthetician or a hairstylist? Thank you

2 years ago
City > Dallas, Texas

Rent assistance

Hello, I was just wandering if rent assistance is available for students struggling to pay for rent and school bills? Thank you for any replies.

2 years ago