Celeste Wharton


Celeste Wharton


I'm 32 years old and Originally from New York City. I have lived in Georgia for 8 years and have two kids, 3 and 15 I'm currently look for a medical program to enroll. I've been laid off 3 times in 8 years.


Video games and I'm a movie buff

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City > Atlanta, Georgia

Credit History

I totally understand I just went through the same thing was paying my bills I even got 2 secured credit cards and one with bank of america a Platinum one at that well I was working ...

5 years ago
Job > CNA


[QUOTE who="renali"]I just started a 4wk program for CNA, and i have been on edge
it has been 31 years since my graduation from HS.I'm a milliner(millinery).my ...

6 years ago
Job > LPN

How much is the starting pay for LPN's in Atlanta?

[QUOTE who="debbie in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma"]Is this average pay for an lpn with 25 years experience? I am on a waiting list for lpn school, 1 year wait, and I am 48 ...

6 years ago
Job > LPN

M.D.S. Certification

Try goggle and type in Michigan Hospitals and it should be the very first link a list of all of the mi hospitals should come up and you can go to the ones that are close to you and ...

6 years ago
Job > LPN

LPN moving from NYC to GA......

My Best Friend just moved down here to GA from New Jersey and she is a CNA she had to get her license changed over from NJ to GA

6 years ago