Charles Postma


Lean manufacturing engineer with broad experience in a variety of disciplines and industries. I have a passion for implementing Lean manufacturing techniques especially SMED.

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Job > Manufacturing Engineer

SMED in Lean Manufacturing Techniques

Of all the companies I've been associated with as a career contract manufacturing engineer I rarely see much emphasis on quick tooling changeovers. Most companies seem to be ...

7 years ago
Job > Physician Assistant

Want to become a PA, but am I too old to start.

[QUOTE who="Terry in Rochester, Michigan"]Would apreciate any feed back about going back to school to become a PA. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Physics and a grade point ...

7 years ago
Company > T-Mobile

Age Descrimination

[QUOTE who="Reality Dude in RTP"]Agreed, only show 15 years to 20 years work history. It makes you look like your in the early 40's maybe. Never put high school or college ...

7 years ago