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skiing, white water rafting

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Company > Itw (illinois Tool Works Inc)

Itw (illinois Tool Works Inc) Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

well i worked for alpine about 12 years ago who itw bought, so i cant speak for the culture at itw. but i can for the company they bought alpine. I know that place was a sweat shop ...

4 years ago
Company > URS

Holidays at URS?

well it depends, they took the personal holiday away after 9/11,and blamed it on the terrorist attacks. that was a 30 million dollar savings decision. there are no more christmas ...

5 years ago
Company > URS

This company is horrible.

URS is more like corporation x with the overhead people are that are decided to be most important people in the company such as accounting, HR, and management, not the engineers ...

5 years ago
Company > URS


I have worked for this company for 10+ years, the problem I see within the corporation is they dont use their resources properly, where other offices can do load sharing, they act ...

5 years ago