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Company > Office Team

Office Team = Robert Half = Fraud

I would advise anyone to stay away from Office Team. After my assignment ended, one of the recruiters sent me an email saying "good luck on your job search", I then ...

13 months ago
Company > Home Depot

home depot sucks

i hate how managers show favoritism to certain employees. its very unfair. these employees get to do what ever they want and come in to work when ever they want. but when i ask for ...

2 years ago
General > Job Interviews

Hiring/interview process at Lowe's

i applied and got an interview a week later. at the interview they made me write down that i was extremely flexible, schedule wise and they also made me sign all these new hire ...

3 years ago
Company > Sears

Breaks for employees

u have to wait for someone to cover u in order for u to go on break, if there are ppl that call out u probaly wont go on ur 15

4 years ago
Company > Sears

Sears News and Happenings.

[QUOTE who="timmeh in Grand Rapids, Michigan"]BTW. Like I said in my above post, I'm just doing what I have been told to do, and that's ring people up, provide customer ...

4 years ago
Company > Sears

Sears Pay For Sales Associates

sears doesnt apply raises anymore

5 years ago
Company > Sears

I hate sears

sears sucks, all they care about is the credit apps, if u dont get alot of credit apps ur hours WILL go down, when ever i got a credit app it wouldnt show up on the report so they ...

5 years ago