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Job > Private Investigator

Getting a private investigator job.

You have to take a course about it and get a diploma. You don't have to have a specific educational background. There is actually home-based courses to choose from which you can ...

6 years ago
Job > Photographer

Getting ahead...

Some people may think taking pictures is easy.... easy to click the camera but are your pictures good? It's not actually that simple to be a photographer honey. :) You need to ...

6 years ago
Job > Personal Trainer

What are the best personal trainer qualifications and training to get ahead?

A lot of people want to stay fit. But these people are either doing it the wrong way or simply lack motivation. That's why they need personal fitness trainers, that's why being one ...

6 years ago
Job > Counselor

MS in Psychology/Counseling is not enough

A friend of mine actually took a home-study counseling course and got a diploma. He had a job while studying this course because he can't give up his job.... at least not yet. He ...

6 years ago
Job > Event Planner

Becoming Certified

Being an event planner is so cool, it's not the usual behind the desk job and it's definitely not boring. Plus, you'll be able to meat new people and extend your connections!

6 years ago