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Company > Kimberly Clark


Just a question. Are these host questions coming from The answers are so scripted. That's why I asked.

8 years ago
Company > Coca-Cola

What's the company culture at Coca-Cola?

If I could get Coca Cola to hire me I would be overjoyed. Being an older job hunter is very challenging. I applied and got a full interview with Coke and I believe I met the jobs ...

8 years ago
Company > L'OREAL

should i try again

Sometimes if you push it enough they will get the hint that you are really interested in the job. So keep on applying and calling and bugging them.

8 years ago
Company > Estes Express Lines

Pay raise!!!

Have you discovered yet that you work in the US where everything is based upon the bottom dollar.
We are now a country where money means more than people and foreigners are ...

8 years ago