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Job > Occupational Therapist

What is a good undergrad major for becmoning ab Occupational Therapist? Should I pick health science, or Exercise Science?

I'm leaning towards in occupational therapy, and I'm in high school. I'm trying to get prepared by learning as much as I need to know in high school. What is the best major for ...

22 months ago
Job > Nurse RN

should I become a nurse for the money?

In jn high school and it has gotten to the point where I need to find a career. Now I love helping people. When I see people in poverty I want to help them. I thought about ...

2 years ago
Job > Nurse RN

Should I become a nurse for the money and job stability ?

Im in high school and I have to start looking at careers and majors. I like helping people better themselves in a way, but I want to have a job where I can be able to pay my bills ...

2 years ago
Job > Nurse RN

Should I do nursing for the money and job stability?

I don't mean to sound unprofessional or ignorant, but I'm in high school and have to start looking for careers and majors. I'd like to try out special education, because I like ...

2 years ago
General > Career Advice

Do I pick a career for the money or the passion?

[QUOTE who="Bluetea in Texas"]My sister is a Special Education teacher with 30 years of experience. Its not for the faint-of-heart but some people seem to be good at this ...

2 years ago