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Stirling Gardner (The Hollywood Landlord) is a writer and property management expert. He consults for and loves it. has every single (state specific) form you could ever need as a property owner.


Scotland, quantum physics, comedy, comedy writing

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Job > Apartment Manager

becoming a landlord/manager of apartment complex

There are just as many good managers as there are bad, but you can also have a terrific manager willing to work hard and increase the efficiency of the building only to have been ...

6 years ago
Job > Apartment Manager

How to Manage unruly kids?

No one has really given you much input with regards to your situation.

Obviously, it is no fun to be the 'bad guy', but it doesn't seem like you are really winning their ...

6 years ago
Job > Apartment Manager

Abusive/Blackmailing Apartment Manager

This is despicable behavior for any individual but it is ILLEGAL for him to make any kind of sexual advances towards a minor. From your post, it seems like he is your manager and ...

6 years ago
Job > Property Management

Acquiring Buildings...


A lot of your business is going to be increased by word of mouth. How many units do you currently manage?

If your tenants think you are doing a good job there ...

6 years ago
Job > Property Management

Software for Property Managers

Congratulations on acquiring so many properties!

There are a lot of software companies available that can track your finances, but the best website hands down for all of ...

6 years ago