Alyssa Wolcott


I'm young and ambitious. I love kids, and I enjoy working with animals. I'm trying to find the right job, and to help people on here who have any questions I can help with. Peace


teaching, learning, driving, enviroment, anthropology, cats, theoretical physics, secularism

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Company > Subway

What's the company culture at Subway?

As an employee you wear either Khakis, or other type of pants (not jeans) that are at least long enough to cover your upper thigh. You also wear an apron and a visor/cut out hat ...

4 years ago
Company > Subway

Subway Interview Questions.

Well, I didn't even have an interview. Here's how I skipped that whole process; I sent in my application in spring when the place wasn't too busy..and waited until summer (when I ...

4 years ago
Company > Subway

Subway Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

You recieve minimum wage. It's $7.25 an hour. Bonuses? You get to have a free 6" sub for lunch..and you can eat a cookie or two. The best thing about Subway, in my opinion is ...

4 years ago