I possess over 15 years experience in corporate work environments. I specialize in administration, project coordination and training. I am also the author of A Temporary Employee's Handbook: A Guide to Success, which will be available in May 2008.


Event planning, Travel arranging, Training, Coordinating, Cat herding, Administrative Work

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Tired of Administrative Assistant jobs!

Wow there is a lot of good information here.

George, I've worked with several male admins and while they are few and far between they do exist. I've even seen some of them ...

7 years ago
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Finding work after being unemployed going four months

If you really would like to learn software you can download a complete office suite from Open Office Source. All of the programs are ...

7 years ago
Job > Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

All of your comments are wonderful and I hope that they've been helpful to you Verina.

In my career as an administrative assistant I've worked in New York, Maryland, Texas ...

7 years ago