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Best schools in los angeles california?

Try the west valley schools- encino area and Tarzana and Woodland Hills. These schools all are in the top 10% in state testing--Irregardless of what the L.A. Times is saying!!!

5 years ago
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CA State Board Exam Uniform Requirements?

[QUOTE who="cosmopup in Woodland Hills, California"]The best way to pass the practical is to buy the DVD showing every step you have to perform. I must have seen that DVD ...

5 years ago
Job > Esthetician

STUDY GUIDE that will make you pass state board!!!

I passed the Calif. state boards on my first try. The study guides I found most helpful were 1. stateboard ( or Memorize all 133 questions.2 ...

5 years ago
Job > Esthetician

esthetician exam

[QUOTE who="estegirl in Phoenix, Arizona"]Thank you for your feedback Trinity! I am so happy my Guide was of help to you!!
Best of Luck to you in the future!!

5 years ago