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Job > Occupational Therapy Assistant

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

[QUOTE who="Rick in Lubbock, TX"]Are there any COTAs out there who have traveled extensively in Florida and have you ever had a difficult time getting work? I have four ...

5 years ago
Company > Cross-post

scamless work at home jobs

I am in desperate need of a job that i can take control of at home. no scams please. Any one have an idea? I don't want one that consists of talking to people on the phone.

5 years ago
Job > Pharmacy Technician

pharm tech license

[QUOTE who="sashb453 in Addison, Illinois"]Is it mandatory to get a pharmacy technician LICENSE before even applying for a pharmacy technician job? And if so, how do you ...

5 years ago
Job > Pharmacy Technician

have anyone taken the pharmacy technician class from the ROP??

I need a job to be at home with my 3 year old daughter. NO SCAMS PLEASE! Does anyone have an idea? I would prefer to be online and not talking to people on phones really.

5 years ago