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Job > LPN

I need to find a LPN refresher course

If possible, consider becoming a RN and bypass being a Practical/Vocational Nurse. There are plenty of online schools and programs, just make sure they are accredited! http://www ...

17 months ago
Job > Medical Coder

I need help on where to start with schooling..

[QUOTE who="Heather H in Baltimore, Maryland"]Hello I am a 29 year old female working in a HIM job as a document imaging tech and my work reimburses $5000 a year for ...

2 years ago
Job > Medical Assistant

Is Medical Career Specialists a rip off unaccredited school? HELP

You can go the US Dept of Educations website and check. Due to the govt shutdown, the site seems to be temporarily down, but will return when funding is available. http://ope.ed ...

2 years ago
Job > Certified Nursing Assistant

free/paid cna training

Like others have said a scholarship and community college is a great way to become a CNA. The Red Cross also offers CNA training.

Source: ...

2 years ago
Job > Paralegal

Does anyone like being a paralegal?

Congratulations Louisa on your success! You have certainly paid your dues and are now seeing the rewards. Your story will hopefully inspire others to keep their "eye on the ...

2 years ago
Job > Nurse RN


Perhaps starting of as a Nursing Assistant or medical Assistant would be a better way to ease in the nursing field? Talking to a guidance counselor will answer a few of your ...

2 years ago
Job > Nurse RN

ADN versus BDN

You still have an excellent chance to become a working RN with a associates degree in nursing.

2 years ago
Job > LPN

online classes

Hi 21kendra

I am currently enrolled in the LPN to BSN Program at Indiana State(started recently) and love it! The best part is your clinical hours can be completed locally ...

2 years ago
Job > Medical Assistant

Can you get a job if you are not certified?

[QUOTE who="Jill in Irwin, Pennsylvania"]I am taking an online course, AAS in medical assisting. I found out that I cannot get my certification (CMA) after I graduate ...

3 years ago