Carolyn Kroger


Hello I was wanted to locate to Winston Salem NC TRIAD AREA I lived there before interesting in medical field office i have insurance claims experience customer service any jobs leads would help Cant make the move without a job Thank you Carolyn


JOBS in medical office, claims examiner clerical customer service or a job that a fit

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jobs in nc area

Hello I was intersting in knowing about the economy in winston salem triad area or even in the area charlotte nc Ballyetene I have clerical , medical insurance , custoemrservice ...

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Moving to Winston-salem - how did you get here?

Hello i was interesting moving to Winston Salem I would need employment before I move Can anyone tell how the economy is And job leads who hiring i have insurance claims and ...

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City > Charlotte, North Carolina

wanting to relocate to North Carolina

Hello could anyone tell how the economy is in Winston Salem Triad area I would like to relocate there I would need a job before i do I have medical and cleical and insurance claims ...

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