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Company > Knowledge Learning Corporation

What's the company culture at Knowledge Learning Corporation?

The group at their Portland HQ is really disorganized. I interviewed for an IT position late last year. My second round was scheduled after two months of waiting. The IT manager ...

7 years ago
Company > Electro Scientific Industries

SAP implementation in 9 months

I interviewed for a job with ESI late last year. They shared that their SAP system was built and launched in just 9 months -- a project that typically requires 18 months to 3 or ...

7 years ago
Company > New Edge Networks

New Edge Networks -- If you have other options, look elsewhere!

I interviewed with NEN last summer. I had four rounds of interviews. Unfortunately, my position was canceled once the Earthlink parent announced layoffs in Atlanta. I met some ...

7 years ago
Company > Kelly Financial Resources

Kelly Financial in Portland -- Another shady recruiter

I believe the Senior Financial Analyst position (mid-December 2007) is with Comcast in Beaverton. The HR contact at Comcast is Brian Purdyn. The Finance contact is Kate Sprauer ...

7 years ago
Company > ESI

ESI -- ready, set...wait

Try Sherri Holstad at for the HR contact. My advice is don't get your hopes up high -- and make sure you protect yourself.

I was really frustrated by ...

7 years ago
Company > M Financial

How to get a job at M Financial.

The HR contact is Debbie Rieke. Their office is impressive, but good luck meeting their requirements.

This company is very unrealistic and deceptive in its hiring. HR ...

7 years ago
Company > Ajilon Finance

These agencies..not PROFESSIONAL!

The day I arrived for my initial interview with Ajillon (April 2007), the recruiter indicated that someone had hacked their system and stole a large amount of personnel data. The ...

7 years ago