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Job > Handyman

to get work...

[QUOTE who="Jonathan"]Sorry Edward,I have been so busy with work I haven't had much free time. the site is let me know how ...

5 years ago
Job > Carpenter

union carpenter

If this is should try to target an employer directly. I have found that apartment owners always need workers to maintain and remodel their different units. I ...

5 years ago
Job > Groundskeeper


adverstise your services to apartment owners because they need year round work. I used

It is very inexpensive and ...

5 years ago
City > Yuma, Arizona

looking for work

you need to direct your services to the people looking for it, so don't waste your time anywhere else. It is best to link up with apartment owners because they always need the ...

5 years ago
Job > Maintenance Technician


go directly to the source where people who need your services are looking for you. you can advertise your trade for dirt cheap on this site, it really helped me out. http://www ...

5 years ago
Job > Apartment Manager

becoming a landlord/manager of apartment complex

go on you can find all the info you need.

5 years ago
Job > Maintenance Electrician

Getting a maintenance electrician job.

Thanks for the advice, I will check it out.

5 years ago