Devin Carter


A free spirit with 12 years of customer service experience in some sort of capacity. 7 years of clerical experience. Recently received my MCAS in Word and Excel 2007. Going mad with the lack of opportunities to exercise skillset. Recently engaged.


Writing, Reading, Serenading, Gaming

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City > Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Best Staffing Agencies/Companies/Tactics for Admin Talent

Can anyone give me advice on where to ply my skill set. All I have received so far is warehouse positons for the past 2 years despite having nearly 7 years clerical experience and ...

6 years ago
City > Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Up and coming jobs in Hattiesburg

Been here for 3 years and have found nothing other than warehouse jobs that even remotely paid well, with 7 years of admin experience. The best thing to do in such a nepotismic ...

6 years ago