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Job > Fashion Designer

Fashion Internship for High School Students

I would suggest contacting your favorite designers and fashion guru's out there. You are unlikely to find an internship in Michigan. I would focus on big fashion cities like new ...

2 years ago
Job > Nursing Home Administrator

Starting a Adult Care Home

Have you considered opening a day care or other elder are type of website. provides some other senior care options here: ...

2 years ago
Job > Accountant

do you think employers are getting unrealistic on job requirements?

I don't think they are getting too unrealistic. I think that it in this competitive job market they have to raise the bar in order to weed out people that will be successful at the ...

2 years ago
Job > Medical Coder

need an job

Shanasky, do you have any experience other than your certification? I would suggest looking at job boards like this one for jobs. Also, where are you getting certified? They will ...

2 years ago
General > Career Advice

Is clerical/admin assistant a gender specific job?

I know several males that do clerical work. I think that the above posters are right about high-up, male business men wanting a woman as his "secretary" but ...

2 years ago
Job > Social Worker

other career fields similar to social work?

[QUOTE who="socialwkr in Jefferson City, Missouri"]I have seen individuals with a MSW as Administrators in Health Care entities, such as long-term care, to include nursing ...

2 years ago