michael bulu


i have over 20yrs exp in site ,demo ,recycling, road building and house foundations. set up grades , install utilitys, dozer, excavator, loader ,bobcat ,will travel anywhere for work period call 508-588-4268


, working ,fishing

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looking to start a pond building business

i been operating heavy equipment for over 20 yrs. the best part was building retenion ponds,fishing pond,and swimming ponds i would like to start a business in this area of const ...

6 years ago
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Heavy Equipment Operator

you know i dont care how much stick time you have in school nobody beats site exp 6 month of school vs 6 months on site . site guy wins every time . you have to get on site use a ...

7 years ago
City > Louisville, Kentucky


i know how you feel in my state you have C.O.R.I and that mean everyone has acsess to your history what does that mean ? you have to live like a bum . nobody will hire you and no ...

7 years ago