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Been in and around senior healthcare for quite awhile.

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City > Indianapolis, Indiana

Best schools in Indianapolis?

Michelle My fiancee lived in Carmel on 30K a year with 2 kids. It's doable. Fishers and Westfield are even less expensive. Homeshooling is not the least expensive, or in my opinion ...

7 years ago
Company > Sunrise Senior Living

Sunrise Senior Living News and Happenings.

[QUOTE who="terri in Kansas City, Missouri"]strange is putting it nicely! turnover is great. mostly about image but have some wonderful caregivers. trouble is most of the ...

7 years ago
Company > Sunrise Senior Living

How many hours does an assisted living coordinator put in at Sunrise a week?

They will work you to the point of exhaustion with corporate mandates. And they just don't care, with them it's ALL about the money!

7 years ago