Amanda Haish


Inactive LVN, now at-home mom. In school working towards HIM Associate's.

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Job > Pharmacy Technician

Getting a job in a long term care pharmacy

I am interested in becoming a pharmacy technician. I worked many years ago as an LVN, but don't like the direct patient care aspect. Also, I to work as a nurse again I would have ...

18 months ago
General > Career Advice

About posting your resume here: do you include your address? I am hesitant to put such personal details online.

I do not like putting my address out there for who knows to see. Would just including my email be sufficient for this? What have your results been with posting a resume here ...

18 months ago
General > Career Advice

Interviewed Today, but have some upcoming dental work and don't know how to get time off.

Hi, All.

After 12 years as a SAHM (former LVN), I had an interview today for the type of job I've always wanted, an intake nurse at a home care agency. I want and need this ...

20 months ago
Job > Medical Coder

In School Working Towards Associate's in HIM. Can anyone share a positive story about getting that first job?

I am an inactive LVN and at-home mom. I recently began school, working towards the HIM Associate's Degree. I am currently in a local community college, taking the basics such as ...

6 years ago