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Operator Bill


Operating for over 15 years, all basic excavating, demo, and grading equipment. They call me "Dirt Dawg" !

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oh,,san diego,,,

I don't have much good to say about them,, not to disuade you in any way. perhaps it was just my circumstances.

They seem to be very political. I ...

6 years ago
Job > Heavy Equipment Operator

looking for work

I'll lay a bit of advice on you ... p>

If you can't spell what you do, then I wouldn't consider hiring that person. It is an instant turn off.

good luck

6 years ago
Job > Heavy Equipment Operator

Will employers hire without a Class A

[QUOTE who="Megan in Savannah, Georgia"]My husband is a HEO and he doesn't have CDL's.. he doesn't transport equipment in his position so it's apparently not required. He ...

6 years ago
Job > Crane Operator

Are unions really evil?

[QUOTE who="bluwenis"]Are unions really evil?

The median weekly earnings for construction workers in the U.S. last year was $1,000 for union members and just $624 ...

6 years ago
Job > Heavy Equipment Operator

looking to get certified to be a Heavy Eguipment operator

Check with your local "operating engineer's local union hall.

they have apprenticeship programs for people exactly like you. typically, they pay you at a 60% rate ...

6 years ago