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Pak Mail's multitude of value-added shipping services meet the needs of business & residential customers. We provide domestic & international shipping services with a selection of preferred carriers, custom packing & crating, any size, any weight.


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City > Fremont, California

Best schools in Fremont?

There is only one school district in Fremont so all the public schools are under the same umbrella. I'm not sure about exact rankings but I've heard that Mission and Washington ...

6 years ago
City > Fremont, California

What are the best neigborhoods in Fremont?

Fremont has several nice neighborhoods. The Ardenwood area of north Fremont is located in centerville and is a nice up and coming neighborhood. The Mission hills area is probably ...

6 years ago
City > Fremont, California

Commuting in Fremont

Well, BART starts here in Fremont and you can take it pretty much anywhere in the Bay Area. The bus system is okay and you can also catch Amtrak trains from the middle of Fremont ...

6 years ago
City > Fremont, California

Weather in Fremont

Fremont seasons are nice. The spring is a little rainy at first, but then around May becomes really nice. Summers are nice and warm basically last until October.

6 years ago