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Company > FedEx

FedEx News and Happenings.

The vision Uncle Fred had 30 years ago was atmosphere, entrepreneureal spirit, etc. Today it is a giant corporate conglomerate which does not care about its ...

8 years ago
Company > Horizon Foods

someguy in Norwalk, Connecticuts Comment

If I want food, I'll conveniently go to my grocery store. A dude selling meat out of a cooler in the bed of his pick-up is not my idea of shopping. It may work for one in a ...

8 years ago
Job > Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

1-2 years sales experience?????????

Where do you get the required 1-2 years sales experience to get into a sales position? Without it you can't get into sales and to get into sales you need it. What's the best way ...

8 years ago
Job > Medical Sales Representative

On-line certifiction at NAPSRx

Will this certification help at all in landing a pharma job or is it a waste of time and money? Curious to know if anyone has seen this ad or completed the course.

8 years ago