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What material should I cover in my review book for the ptcb test for this year....

I got the most up to date book called the complete review for pharmacy tech 3rd edition through the American pharmacy association. A professor at a community college suggested that ...

22 months ago
Job > Pharmacy Technician

Do you have to go to school in order to register for the board of pharmacy Association in North Carolina, not to take the test?

I just purchased the updated Complete Pharmacy Review book 3rd edition through from American Pharmacy Association website. I plan on studying for a couple months and ...

22 months ago
Job > Pharmacy Technician

Can I work as a pharmacy technician without answering phones and dealing with customers in my case?

Probably not, but here is my situation.... I have trouble hearing people when talking to them due to some Auditory Processing Disorder issues, I get distracted and lose focus ...

3 years ago
Job > Pharmacy Technician

Nuclear Pharmacy Technician

[QUOTE who="Keyan Franklin in College Park, Maryland"]Chris...Im a Nuc Med Tech, and ive been working for Cardinal Health for 2 years now. The pay is decent, but not if ...

7 years ago