Selene Coers


I am currently working for the Lincoln County Board of education as a paraEducator.I did this so I could have same days and hours as my children.I only started in the education field for my children. It is now time for me to resume my career as a LPN


Singing,being with family,movies,music in general, fishing,

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I have an inactive LPN license and would like to get back into nursing

Wow! I can't believe someone else is doing what I did. I thought I was alone lol I too had been out of the game of nursing for 13 years. I called my board here in Kentucky and I ...

7 years ago
Job > LPN

Old Nurse..New to the game?

I am a LPN but I quit so I could be a stay at home mom . Which I did for 7 years and loved it. I then started working at the kids schhols so I could have same days and hours off as ...

7 years ago