hi i am a professional pet stylist. ive worked at petsmart for 3 years! have any question ask me!!!!


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Don't work for PetSmart

ive worked there for three + years. ive never seen animal abuse there but that doesnt mean it hasnt happened at other stores. and yes all they care about is money!! i am a dog ...

5 years ago
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does anyone know of someone having to pay back the academy money after quiting bfore 2 years?

i was wondering if there is anyone out there who has actually had to pay it back? ive only heard stories. i know you have to sign a contract but really they dont pay for you to go ...

5 years ago
Company > PetSmart

Is the grooming academy worth it? is the pay worth it?

honestly the only reason it is worth it is because its an easy way to get your foot thru the door if your looking to be a dog groomer. otherwise no, i dont think so. ive missed out ...

5 years ago