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Patty Backer



Mom to 3 grown children and 3 Grandsons. In healthcare for 34 yrs. With the change of the healthcare system from aptient care oriented to profit margin oriented needed a career change. Now am a Benefits Broker and loving it....


enjoying Grandbaby, hiking with my choc lab, traveling

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Job > Dental Assistant

Can not find a job

40 years in the biz... I understand you must be tired...
Hats off to you!
Check out my website... yu most likely have heard of us being in the Dental biz that long.

6 years ago
Job > Nurse

Anyone Sick of the healthcare system....

Have been in the nursing profession for 34 yrs and totally burned out... Was a Case Manager for insurance companies.
Made a career change and loving it.
Anyone out ...

6 years ago