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Entrepreneur, Polite Virtual Outsourcing. I am a independent virtual support specialist who assist businesses with executive level support that is not available to them due to limitations on finances or office space based from my home.


music, football, basketball, family, church

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Haven't had a raise in 5+ years

Then it's time for you to start your own business. If you didn't sign a non-compete clause, then take your skills and put them to work for you. Most professionals are doing this ...

5 years ago
Job > Warehouse Technician


I have been online looking for employment for my friend. I've seen a lot of warehouse jobs. Try, yahoo employment,

5 years ago
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The Job Within "You"

I can definitely relate to the jobless rate in America. When met with uncertainty from all angles, then you reach inside and think. The Internet is the present and the future ...

5 years ago
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Up and coming jobs in Amarillo

[QUOTE who="Host"]What jobs are on the rise in Amarillo?[/QUOTE]

Virtual Outsourcing is a resource alternative in assisting businesses with a skilled professional ...

6 years ago